Wholesale Items

We are pleased to offer wholesale to qualified buyers.

The minimum opening order is $125, with subsequent order minimums of $100. Orders must be pre-paid, however, we do offer Net 30 to established accounts if absolutely necessary.

Please email us here to access our secure online order form.

We currently wholesale :
Vintage Book Journals
Holiday Ornaments (Sept-Dec only)

Bunting Necklaces

4 piece Coaster Set made from vintage book pages

Book Club Earrings (made from actual book covers)
Secret Stories Necklaces (feat. Alice, Gorey, Scarry & others!)
Geo Necklace (assorted patterns)

A note about payments:
  • We accept ALL major credit cards, Paypal and checks/money orders.
  • If you enter your credit card info into our SECURE order form, your card will be billed when we ship. 
  • If you choose to checkout via Paypal, it will bill you right away but your order may not ship for up to 3 weeks, so just be aware of this.
  • If you wish to mail a check or money order, please do so as soon as you hear back from us. We will not deposit the payment until we are ready to ship.
  • Either way, we do not begin work on your order until we have reached you either via phone or email to confirm the order. 
  • As soon as the order is verified, we will get it ready to go and on its way.