About Overdue Industries

Overdue Industries takes cast-off books and gives them new life as journals, date planners, jewelry and more!

Each item is lovingly made from a once-esteemed book and/or the colorful pages within.
The journals are filled with 'green seal certified' recycled 60 lb ACID FREE paper, which is a delicious smooth bond paper perfect for writing, sketching or even light scrapbooking. Even the binding wire is made from recycled high carbon steel!
Our weekly planners are made from classic kids' books and feature our own calendar design which has been professionally printed on recycled content paper with soy-based inks. As with our journals, the binding wire is made from recycled high carbon steel coil.
We strive to use as much of the original book pages in our various products as we possibly can. What doesn't make it into an Overdue Industries item is either given to other artists who can use them or is personally recycled by us.

Once upon a time we started making one of a kind pocket mirrors from old beat-up storybooks. But that left us with tons and tons of amazing storybooks that were missing pages.
We had a dilemma now! What could be done with all of these great books that were now incomplete? We happened upon a mini-binding machine and set out to give making journals the old college try. We weren't sure at first how people were going to react to them. Sure, we thought they were cool, but would others?
It turns out they did! We debuted our journals at our booth for our other company, My Favorite Mirror at Pittsburgh's famous Handmade Arcade in 2008. We quickly sold all but 2 of the 27 journals we brought with us, so we thought we might be on to something!
The little binding machine we started with just wasn't going to cut it if we wanted to get serious about making book journals. It had some pretty big limitations. We upgraded and then upgraded again. After all, we love our journals and everyone else seemed to, also, so we wanted to be able to make more of that good stuff so that everyone could share in the joy.
It is our promise that EVERY item we make is handmade BY US in our basement studio with extra love and attention. We use recycled products where possible and are committed to do so forever!
In addition to our recycled journals, we have also designed clever jewelry that is also available now in our shop. We're also working on a lot of other AMAZING things made from books and pages of books.
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  • Our slogan is Renew Your Books! So inside each journal, you will find our own 'check-out card' just like in library books of days gone by. We've stamped it with the date the journal was made and we will stamp it for you on the date you purchase it.
  • If you have a very special book that you would like to see turned into a journal, get in touch! We have a fairly sizable collection of books in waiting, or we can keep an eye open for your book. You can also send in your actual copy! Just be sure that you are a-ok with it getting sliced and diced! Email us for more information.
  • You should DEFINITELY come and see us at a craft show! Every item is one of a kind, so we typically only have a really limited selection available in our shop. Plus, at shows, we have cool coaster sets, magnets and keychains from ALL your favorite kids books. Check out our Events page for a list of upcoming shows.
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