Sunday, October 24, 2010

Paper Packs Now Available

Here at Overdue Industries, we are gearing up for our big holiday season, which means that we are chopping up a ton of books. This also means that we have tons of beautiful pages from old books that are just perfect for all of your collaging, ATC and general art project needs!

We've been stockpiling all these gorgeous pages and have compiled some great paper packs for you.

Each pack will include 2 pounds of pages which will typically have both illustrations and text. There are a variety of subjects covered - some pages are from science or text books, others are from story books, cookbooks, music books and some are from encyclopedias.

PLEASE NOTE, the images you see here are probably NOT going to be included in your exact pack, but we're sure you will love what you get!

Most of the pages are from 1980 and before, some are much older!

SHIPPING IS $10 in the US for the first, $2 for each additional.  If you want LESS pages, we can do them, just get in touch.

Be sure to visit our shop for tons of fun things that are perfect holiday gifts!

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